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Obedience Training should be an education for both the owner and the dog. Clear communication is the first link in a solid training program. Force is not training, it's a bending of wills. At AllBreed we believe in working with your dog's nature, not against it. Training should fit both the dog as well as the handler!

Always remember, all dogs are different. Training should not be a "one size fits all" approach. Respect, trust and love are the main ingredients for a harmonious relationship with our canine companions!

What's New

Join Us at our Annual OPEN HOUSE August 30

Fun! Vendors! Demonstrations! Watch for more info!

Small Dog Only Daycare at The Dog House

Mondays are for small dogs only to come and play with us in The Dog House.

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Is your Dog a Star?

    Is your Dog a Star? Bring your dog to our Canine Acting 4 hour workshop and learn the "tricks" to the trade!


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Animal Communicator

Deb Schneider is officially putting out her shingle as an Animal Communicator. She's been doing this work for 12 years now at the school. She specializes in dogs, but has read many horses as well.

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What is... Obedience, Behavior, and Readings?

Answer: All the activities you can get a Gift Certificate for! Makes a great xmas gift to help our furry friends advance in their training and social skills!

Gift Certificates Available!

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PawPrints Photo Day

A wonderful collection of vintage pieces, including jewelry, art, tools, dog statues (glass and bronze), and many more “interesting” pieces that would make a great xmas present for that hard to buy for person….or just yourself!