Lots Going on at AllBreed!
Obedience Training should be an education for both the owner and the dog. Clear communication is the first link in a solid training program. Force is not training, it's a bending of wills. At AllBreed we believe in working with your dog's nature, not against it. Training should fit both the dog as well as the handler! Always remember, all dogs are different. Training should not be a "one size fits all" approach. Respect, trust and love are the main ingredients for a harmonious relationship with our canine companions!

Covid19 requirements at AllBreed: 

You may come in without a mask if you have been vaccinated.  If you haven't we ask that you wear your mask.  We are allowing two people with the dog in Level 1, 2 and 3, as well as Therapy class.  Also Low Impact class or specialty classes that are being held in the big ring.  PK class is still one person per dog due to the smaller area for now.  Semi Private can bring 2 folks.  If things change we will be absolutely changing with it!  Thanks!

Because we are SUPER busy here at the school we are offering Obedience and PK workshops to help you!  Our workshops are limited to 8 students (with a trainer and assistant) which brings the magic group number to ten. Staying Covid19 Safe!  Masks or Face Shields will be required - lots of breaks!

Gift Certificates Available!

New things happening at AllBreed Obedience! We will be putting together a complete Daytime Obedience Program! Coming soon in 2021!

Also, on December 28th Deb Schneider will be available for an hour of private training with you and your dog from 9am to 4 pm! Check the calendar and call!!!

And we are starting our Live Online Program!  Your trainer will be in the comfort of your house via Zoom! Check out dates and times of upcoming classes!

Obedience Workshop - This 4 hour workshop will cover the basics in obedience - heeling, sit/down/stay, recalls (come when called!).  You will receive a workbook as well! Cost:  $100  

Puppy Kindergarten Workshop - This 4 hour workshop will cover the basics of the PK class, with lots of play for the puppies, questions answered and puppy obedience introduced!  Lots of breaks for both puppies and people! Cost:  $100

Call us to get registered!  We are filling!   651 704 9785

What is... Obedience, Behavior, and Readings?

Answer: All the activities you can get a Gift Certificate for! Makes a great xmas gift to help our furry friends advance in their training and social skills!

Gift Certificates Available! Call 651-704-9785 or email:


We are now accepting credit cards for payment upon registration!